P-38 dive flaps and aileron boost

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Feb 27, 2014
I am looking for information on the weight of these devices. A game i play has the weight exactly the same between a J model without this equipment and L model that does have it. I would greatly appreciate any pointers on where to locate documentation.
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From America's Hundred Thousand, the basic weight of a P-38J is listed at 12,780 pounds, a P-38L is listed at 12,800 pounds. However, the empty weights of both machines are 14,100 pounds. Empty weight is equal to basic weight plus the weights of trapped fluids, ammo, gunsight and camera, drop tank provisions, oxygen equipment and other equipment. I don't claim or infer that the dive flaps and aileron boost units totaled 20 pounds in weight, but checking out the sources used in AHT may be of value.

I think it will turn out that that is a late model J it had the boost and flaps on the J20 I believe.
The boosted ailerons started with the P-38J-25.

The Planes of Fame HAS a P-38J-20 (23 Skidoo) and it has manual arm-strong ailerons. Steve Hinton can rack it around quite well, but the boosted planes from the next dash number onward roll with much less pilot effort.

The other flying P-38 on Chino Airport is a P-38L and it HAS boosted ailerons.

We have a plan to steal his aileron boost setup but have never quite gotten it done yet ... Jack Crowell is a friend and we don't want to seriously piss him off.
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