P-38 Would Be Proud

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Uhm, probably my bad. I realised he's from Alabama, not Nebraska...
Anyway, I just found this site and it seems like it has some interesting stuff in there.
I just didn't know which title I should write, so I wrote this...
lesofprimus said:
Yup, poor little Redneck....

Hopefully, he finally found out that girls have boobs and has been off galavanting across Northern Alabama, huntin some poon with his favorite Coon Dogs, Cletus and Rufus, inbred of course...


Yes, I have always known girls have boobs and take time to look.

A poon?!?! I ONLY hunt Turkeys.
Thats why he is messin with you P38 because you cant take a joke. You get offended by his jokes real easily.

And here ya go P38 so you can figure out what Poon is?

1)A female's genital organ (vagina)

2)A slang term for wimp, often used by teenage males who want to boost their masculinity

1)I fucked Kara last night. She's got a tight poon.

2)Alex: We probably shouldn't go rock climbing. It could be dangerous
Nick: Dude, it's fine. Don't be such a poon!

by Yours Truly Jun 22, 2004 share
2. Poon 121 up, 52 down

the unshaven heaven in which we all like to take a dip.

In Diana Jones: The temple of Poon.

by Graham Apr 13, 2004 share
3. poon 63 up, 8 down

A Vagina, 3 kinds:

1. Poonana is a little girls vagina 0-13.
2. Poonani A teenagers vagina 13-20.
3. Poontang a mature womans vagina (quite good) 20-35.
4. Poonono an old vagina often with large muff 35-110.

1. i said dont play with your poonana

2. i saw this girl in the club last night sure she had a poonani

3. i got some sweet poontang last night.

4. oh shit i'm gonna be sic after seeing that poonono

tags poon ass tits poo shit.
by Mr Sirius Australia Nov 1, 2005 share
4. Poon 50 up, 19 down

woman's genetalia. stems from the word "pudenda", which is actually in the dictionary.

I got myself some nice poon last night.

by anonymous Aug 5, 2003 share
5. poon 47 up, 24 down

1. Literally, vagina (see poontang).
2. Figuratively, vagina; one who is week (see pussy).

1. Man, I just want to get me some poon and fuck it all night long.
2. Dude, it's nothing to be worried about. Don't be such a poon!

by Brown Sugar Mar 18, 2003 share
6. poon 39 up, 19 down

area of the female anatomy, located between the inner thighs; especially loves the cock and the tongue

"wow, my boyfriend really knows how to work the poon"

by erica Nov 20, 2003 share
7. poon 24 up, 14 down

n. 1) female genitals, vagina
2) sexual intercourse, specifically, from a woman
3) less commonly - Tang orange drink mix, prepared in a 2.2 liter water jug called a poonjug

background: shortened form of poontang.

1) When she took off her panties I could see her shaven poon.
2) I'm getting me some poon from my lady, tonight.
3) Lets mix up some Poon and go watch some TV.

by Benabus Nov 27, 2004 share
8. poon 10 up, 8 down

Poon: a word meaning "pussy, vagina, or cunt"

mostly used while saying "i loooove poon" whilst doing a weird dance where you thrust your hips and swing your hands in front of you.

PLEASE NOTE: dance must only be done behind someones back or why they arent looking

Guy A: man, crank up that trick daddy song
Guy B: i loooove poon (doing crazy dance)
Guy A: woah what the hell did you just do while i was turned around
Guy B: Nothing... nothing at all

by professor poon pburg Jul 28, 2005 share
9. poon 13 up, 12 down

From the word far-eastern word poontang, meaning vagina.

Her poon was so saggy I lost my car keys in it.

by Dr Definition May 16, 2003 share
10. Poon 3 up, 6 down

Root; Pussy or Poo-na-knee. A)Of or being like a girl or a ghey. B)Also, can be used to refer to the female genitalial. C)Best used as an insult.

1)Don't be such a poon.

2)Did you get any poon last night?

3)Would you care for a Jr. bacon poon burger?

Also known as:

pussy vagina cunt twat poontang snatch beaver cooch box gash muff cooter bearded clam hole bearded taco fish taco slit wishing well cake cockpit coochie crack cum depository cum dumpster donut fillet-o-fish finger hut fish fly catcher fuckhole gates of heaven honey pot hot box lobster pot loins loose meat sandwich lotus love box love canal lower lips meat wallet nooch nook nookie peach pocket slash snapper split stench trench

:laughing8: I've heard a song whcich used all the words that refer to a females genitalia
and some ppl use P00NED instead of PWN3D on some games
I know, my classmate was asked by his GF to look for the meaning of her name, then I looked it up in the Urban Dictionary, and i aw Sarah- another name for a penis enlarger... then i told my classmate who then told it to his GF who then dumped him, and damn it why are some ppl having girlfiriends at such an early age!!?!?!?

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