P-39 Performance Thread

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Hi Micdrow
I like these data of aircraft because it is very detail.
But in this forum I think P-39 may not popular aircraft for many members.
No reply for these P-39 data still now.

But I am sure someone like P-39 and they will amazing these data.

good luck:)
I think this threads would be usefull to post together the better info about an aircraft. This works great as a quick reference.

This way is perfectly understandable the need of such posts! It ll be insteresting to have threads about less popular aircraft too containing a compilation of the better sources. An idea is close the topic for comments (only admins post)!

A quick, quality and clean reference source. :lol:
Once I acessed a post containing a video of how to fly Aircobra P-39. It was a manual made by USAAF or by Bell factory about the right way to handle the aircraft. Very nice! Since then I did not find it anymore.

I tried to use the search tools but it was unsucessfull!
Ive noticed more and more training video's coming on the web, wondering if it wouldnt be a bad idea to add a video training manual area or add them to existing manuals about certain aircraft. hummmm!!!!
You're welcome Ernst. Did you find the quality a liitle lacking. It used to be better but i guess he wants us to pay for the better quality.
Wind tunnel testing for pitch stability P-39N-1


  • Longitudinal control and stability for P-39N-1.pdf
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Yeager has said no one could beat a p39 at 100 feet. But no one wants to fight at that altitude.
Winkle Brown enjoyed flying the airplane for sheer pleasure more than any other piston engine airplane.
I am trying to compare speed and climb rate performance for P-39, especially for versions deployed in late 1942 and early 1943. I got these data:

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But there is no similar climb performance. I have looked around and I cannot find anything except in WWII Aircraft Performance, but I the data are hard to read. Can anyone post something similar?
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I am trying to compare speed and climb rate performance for P-39, especially for versions deployed in late 1942 and early 1943.

I have a British (A&AEE) tests of:

Airacobra AH-573
7,830 pounds
Allison V-1710-E4
2600 rpm
37.2 inches of Hg.

2,000 feet - 2040 feet per minute
10,300 feet - 2040 feet per minute (critical altitude)
16,000 feet - 1385 feet per minute
22,000 feet - 795 feet per minute
29,000 feet - 120 feet per minute
Try wwiiaircraftperformance.com. Go to P-38 and scroll to the bottom. Look on the fighter comparison chart for the P-39N. It opened my eye. Speed 397mph. and Climb 4,400fpm. Not too shabby.
I thought this would be the right spot for these documents. Enjoy!


  • TurboNACA.bmp
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  • Review of drag cleanup tests in Langley full-scale tunnel 1945 applicable to current general avi.pdf
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  • naca-wr-l-489(XP39).pdf
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