P-40B/C or TomahawkI/II Flight Test Reports

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    I'm searching for flight test data on the early P-40s. I've identified two reports which look useful, but haven't been able to locate soft copy of either. The two reports, one NACA and the other A&AEE, are:

    "Measurements of the Flying Qualities of a Curtiss P-40 Airplane" (AC No. 39-160), Phillips, William H. and Vensel, J. RNACA CMR, Army Air Corps, May 31, 1941; and

    AVIA 18/711 "Tomahawk Aircraft; Performance and Handling Trials" 1940-1942

    If anyone has come across either, in your travels through the Internet or otherwise, I'd appreciate hearing from you.

    blue six

    P.S. The NACA report is referenced in several other NACA docs of that period, but does not seem to be accessible through the NASA archives search site, here: NASA Technical Reports Server

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