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Here's proof!!




the grafics on FB are great, but these are very good 2.
i have both games, its not in the grafics that IL-2 FB is better.
IL2 FB is just much more realistic.
and with AEP you can choose about 70/80 different aircraft, and this is also much more as you can in CFS3 ;)
but,.. CFS3 has some of the weirdest concept planes of the 2nd world war, wich il2 hasnt got.
Yes, IL2:FB has mission builders.
I'm personally not a fan of CFS3, although I enjoyed CFS2 for a long time.
IMO, IL2:FB is far better. Again though, that's just my opinion. :)
Yup. With FB+AEP+PF its probably the most complete flight sim ever. 8) All those campaigns to do in all those planes, and so far ive only been bothered to complete one :lol:

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