Packard Merlin 28 engines

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Rich Dogg

Nov 7, 2006
Hi I'm trying to find out if the Packard Merlin 28 engine fitted to Lancaster bomber's was a paddle blade of needle blade engine?

Does anyone know?
it varied greatly, some were fitted with the paddle bladed Nash-Kelvinator propeller which incresed altitude by 1,500ft and cruising speed by 8 mph, but the rotol and hamilton standard needle props were more common.........
Thanks Lancaster

That's a heap of information. Would you know what propellers were fitted to the Lancaster's used in 617 Squadron's dam busters raid? Those are the ones I'm trying to find out about. Any clues would be great.

Thanks heaps
The dambusting lancs were fitted with a needle type propellor (right hand rotation), i'd guess of the Hamilton variety..............

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