Paid Translations required.

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I'll do french, if you still need it doing.

But I'll need to know, how you're going to pay me $50 (presumably Paypal) and which gender (masculise or femenine) you want the noun "U3" to be.

Here the Italian with some notes, instead of the $50 you'll pay me a drink when you are in italy or I am in Australia.



Find My U3

Trova il mio U3


ID Cards Limited

??? makes no literal sense in Italian, what is the purpose? I need to transalte it 'by meaning'


Recover Lost or Stolen U3 devices.

Recupera dispositivi U3 persi o rubati


Recover Lost or Stolen U3 devices. Register for 5 years and get your U3 returned if you lose it or it is recovered after a theft.

Recupera dispositivi U3 persi o rubati. Registrati per 5 anni e avrai restituito il tuo U3 se lo perdi o se e' recuperato dopo un furto


It is all about people helping people.

Si tratta di aiutare la gente!


We connect people who have lost their property with people who have found it.

Noi mettiamo in contatto persone che perdono i loro oggetti con persone che li hanno ritrovati


This U3 smart drive may be lost.

Lo Smart Drive U3 potrebbe essere perso.


Click the button to visit our website and help return it to the owner.

Clicca il pulsante per isitare il nostro sito ed aiutarci a restituirlo al proprietario.



Visitaci (visit us, in Italian you have to specify)
Sorry Folks I had forgtten about this thread.

Parmigiano. You are on for the drinks.

OK, we ended up using a professional service as the responses didn't come in the time frame we needed for the business.

Parmigiano, your translation replicates what we recived and shows they did a good job.

USD $ 500.00 for what we needed, but it has been worth about USD $ bloody heaps over the last 40 days.

Many thanks to you all.
Cheers mate.

We have just thrown the house on the market and will be moving to Nelson / Motueka in a month or three once the deal is done.

Get a hunk of land, do a decent house on it and semi retire at 44 (YAHOOO) I will get a boat and can then concentrate on the really important things. :lol:

Our ISP will manage the equipment, servers / routers / firewalls and growth for us 24 /7 so we can just get on and do the International deals side of the biz.

Who would of thunked that a crazy idea over a few beers on a Friday afternoon would go so native so fast. 12 years I have been slogging my guts out writing software and managing to do ok, writing really complex stuff for customers and our systems. Then bang, a simple idea over drinks negates the whole lot to the background.
That's impressive mate! I can manage German and Hungarian to an extent...the Swedish and Spanish are just about completely gone, and as for English, well, I'm a kiwi...I'll learn it properly one day...! :)

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