Pearl Harbor Type 97 Carrier Bomber Kate

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Wayne Little

Oct 7, 2006
Adelaide Sth. Aust.
Hi Guys, back on deck after a busy few weeks at work and preparing for the Melbourne model Expo. Didn't achieve anywhere near what I wanted but heading off tomorrow morning so will be off the air for another week...damn!

Anyway here is the first installment of my next Pearl Harbor aircraft, enjoy!


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    IMGP5958 Cockpit stbd.JPG
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  • IMGP5959 cockpit Port.JPG
    IMGP5959 cockpit Port.JPG
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Hey Wildcat, yes still around, made some brief visits over the past couple of weeks, but been busy. Didnt get to some of those models, spent much of the time finishing a 1/48 Tiger I, changing to individual 'click' together track links certainly took up some time!! but the end result was worth it ...what do you think?

I know it doesn't have wings, but....


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Wow Wayne!
Fantastic stuff, enjoy the expo:)
Unfortunately I won't there this year:( Exams are next week and I really can't afford any time away. Although the study probably won't help :(
Wayne, Looking forward to your finished Kate. I thoroughly enjoyed looking through your finished pics of the Pearl Harbor Val that you built a while back.

Great stuff then and now...keep us up to date!
Hi Guys, back from the Expo and have lots of pics to come.

Wildcat, your right, need to get into something Aussie will give it some serious consideration, certainly have some subjects to do...and the Tiger got second place behind a another cat.. a Panther!
Thanks Dukesman! here are afew more shots


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Thanks wayne!
I had my first one today didn;t too bad.
On the flipside I know I missed the expo but my folks offered to take a small trip and visit temora in the term 3 holidays:)
Originally from Temora. You will thoroughly enjoy the Temora Aviation Museum. Their latest acquisition for restoration to flying standard is a Sabre jet. Enjoy!
Ooh really! :)

I didn't realise work had progressed so quickly, thanks Graeme.

Returned from Temora today. Viewed the Sabre restoration. They expect the CAC Sabre Mk.32, which at one point in time, or still is, the RAAF's Historic Flight Sabre A94-983 to fly "May 2008". Surprised to learn that the Museum has 5 other Sabre airframes. Included in their stockpile are American F86Fs and Canadian Orenda powered Sabres. I was told told that once the Mk.32 is up and flying it will be returned to the RAAF at Point Cook, as they own it. The idea is to provide the Museum's Engineers with experience to carry out a cannibalised
restoration from the remaining airframes. No original Sidewinders, but accurate replicas made from PVC piping!.
Now thats what I would call an excellent display.. Lest we forget! Great is all I can say.
Hi Guys, got a bit more work done on my Kate so here are the first of a few more pictures, first the instrument panels....painted this time rather than using the decals.


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