Pending execution of the founder of the Crips street gang

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Jun 4, 2005
Orange County, CA
The execution of Stanley "Tookie" Williams is near. He has asked for clemency from Gov Arnold to spare his life. This charachter was one of the founders of the Crips street gang.

In response for his request for mercy, the Los Angeles District Attorney has sent their comments to Arnie telling him to execute the bastard.

Attached is their full report. Its a summary of the crime, and why he should be held accountable. Part of it descibes the crime scene in gruesome detail. It's revolting what he did, but it is part of the record.

Since he seems to be incapable of admitting his involvment in the crimes, nor apologizing to the victims, I say this asshole deserves to die.
He will be injected.

Although I think since he used a firearm in the commision of his crimes, he should be sent to the firing squad.

The best thing about the gas chamber was it made the murderer suffer a bit, just like their victims
It's scum like him that has ruined Southern California....

I moved there in the mid 1970s. Things were relatively safe, a few bad areas, but a pretty mellow place. By 1980 the gangs have gotten so out of control that it seemed there would be problems in the best parts of town.

Every time I go back I see graffiti infested streets, a sign that these scumbags roam around like stray rats.
He should be hung, drawn and quartered. And what's that, a black racist? Never.
I have always thought the US idea of holding someone for a period of time before execution to be very good as further evidence may come to light that will prove the accused not guilty but having read the PDF from the DA this slug is guilty as shit and deserves a long drop with a short rope.
I was very pissed off when the UK abolished the death penalty I still believe it is a correct sentence for some crimes. I also believe it has a deterrent effect on some people. However if it is to act as a deterrent it should not be a lethal injection the deterrent factor only works if the possible perpetrator has in the back of there mind that if they are caught there execution will not be a clean simple one but crude IE a piece of rope put round your neck then dropping through a trap door or a few thousand volts frying you.
Obviously some nutters will not be put off committing murder what ever the consequences but why should society have to foot the bill to keep them for donkeys years in a prison they relinquished any rights when they committed the crime. and for me the victims deserve at least the right of revenge.
This vile turd of a man should be removed from society and I hope he suffers a fraction of what he made his victims and there families suffer.
He needs to die the most horrible death in my opinion. Its street thugs like this that make out streets so unbearable to live on. The thing that I hate the most about it is these damn rap and hip hop artists that glorify the gang and thug life in there songs and then our youth listen to it and want to be just like them. Be Crips and Bloods. All gang members should be shot!
Every Liberal Celeb and one of his homies, Snoop Dog are trying to save his pathetic ass. I just saw on the news one community activists in South Central LA (Heavy Gang Territory) says executing his is sending the wrong message - WHAT A FREAKING BONE HEAD! The area is a mess, during the LA riots these dumbasses burnt down their own neighborhood, what you're seeing is the scum bread out of this environment. I could legitimately accept poor people and will always be willing to help them, but many folks from this place are just human waste attempting to parasite off anyone they could get their sucker on!!!!
F*ckin' hell, I'm working on a budget here. I don't know if I can afford 'smart bombs' for just the pitbulls.

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