Petlyakov Pe-2

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Nov 7, 2006
Does anybody know what the max speed of a Russian Petlyakov Pe-2 was?

I have looked up many sources, and the max Speed seems to range from 335mph to 360mph.

This seems to be a big differance and perhaps it could be explained by differant varians of the Pe-2?

Can anybody clear this up for me?
This site puts the improved Pe-2FT top speed at 335mph.

If this is the case, does than mean claims the that Pe-2 top speed of 360mph are false?
Hi guys !!!
If you are still interested in the datas.I've found that at 5000m Pe-2 max speed was 540 km/h ( powered by M-105R 1100 HP engines ) and Pe-2FT max speed was 581 km/h ( powered by WK-105PF 1260 HP engines )

Thanks Wurger, this backs up what Kris was saying! ;)

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