Photo request - Three specific B-17's (44-83868 / 44-83735 / 44-85784)

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    Hi all, I'm currently working on a new B-17 project (Boeing B-17 Resource) and in need of some photos of the following three aircraft:

    BOEING B-17G – 44-83868
    Registration number(s): N5237V
    Known as: Tanker 65 at Goleta tanker station
    Notes: Flew in to RAF Brize Norton, England in 1983 and now on display at RAF Hendon Museum

    BOEING B-17G – 44-83735
    Registration number(s): NL68269, F-BDRS
    Known as: Mary Alice, San Miguel, Ambassador II, Chateau De Verneuil
    Notes: Flown as Colonel Andres Soriano, President of Philippine Air Lines personal aircraft. Flown by Assemblies of God as passenger plane. Flown by IGN, France. Now on display as Mary Alice at Imperial War Museum, Duxford

    BOEING B-17G – 44-85784

    Registration number(s): G-BEDF, F-BGSR
    Known as: Sally B
    Notes: Delivered Burbank 19/6/45; Rome 13/7/45; Reconstruction Finance Corporation (sold for scrap metal in USA) Altus 5/11/45; designated EB-17G, then ETB-17G and used for man-carrying wing tip pod tests 1949; sold IGN France as F-BGSR 31/10/54; sold to Ted White as N17TE in 1970; Now based at Imperial War Museum, Duxford

    If you have any photos of these aircraft during their lifespan please send them to [email protected], as these photos will be added to our database on the new project I need to know that they are your own photos or that you have permission for them to be shared on the website.

    Thanks in advance

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