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Jul 25, 2004
I was wondering if we could have people go to different airshows, as reps of their countries to go and get photos of different airshows (if they can) and put them on the site (but they don't need to be as good as Skyraider3D's!)
Any Ideas
I usually watch the Southend Airshow (Witsun May 15th) from my back garden as the island is a turning point for most of the perfomance aircraft F15's Tornado, Stealth, ect and the display teams :ie Red Arrows.
so I'll take a trip to the sea front and see what I can do this year.
My airshow schedule for visits this year is a little dodgy, but I will definitely be at Camarillo again this year in August. If possible, I am going to try and make the Chino show as well. I have an extra battery and flash card for the camera, so there will be plenty if I attend.
the lancaster kicks ass said:

well that's the kinda thing i'd do, i love the trade stands, nowhere else can you buy aviation items like that.........

Except the Internet...

And in the unlikely even I go to Duxford, Ill be the guy In the P-38 T-shirt complaining that everything is too expensive ;)

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