Pic of a Particular P51 requested.

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Aug 13, 2004
G'day gents, newbie requiring some help for a model. In particular an image of a P51 named "Marian". It belonged to the 36thFS and was shot down. It's pilot " Lt.Griffon" was captured and taken POW. He was shot down near Prague. Plenty of pics and info about it previous life as "Jersey Bounce III". But I have yet to find a pic anywhere on the web or in a book. I know it may be a long shot, but if anyone had an image of this aircraft as "Marian" it would be greatly appreciated by me. I am trying to locate specifically the nose art. This would enable my friend Rian to finish his model. Once again, thankyou. Cheers Jim in West Oz.

Is that the 36th Pursuit that was stationed in Mareeba, Australia at one time? They did not fly the European front but were pacific-war only/ As well they did not receive the P-51 (F-51) until 1946.

Can you clarify for me? :D

Here is a listing of the 36th Fighter Squadron...

Selfridge Field, MI, 2 Oct 1930; Langley Field, VA, 13 Jun 1932; Mitchel Field, NY, 15 Nov 1940–26 Jan 1942; Brisbane, Australia, 6 Mar 1942; Lowood, Australia, 13 Mar 1943; Townsville, Australia, 4 Apr 1942; Port Moresby, New Guinea, 26 Apr 1942; Townsville, Australia, 30 Jun 1942; Milne Bay, New Guinea, 18 Sep 1942; Mareeba, Australia, 22 Feb 1943; Port Moresby, New Guinea, 22 May 1943; Nadzab, New Guinea, 22 Dec 1943; Finschhafen, New Guinea, 9 Jan 1944; Nadzab, New Guinea, 14 Mar 1944; Owi, Schouten Islands, 17 Jun 1944; Morotai, 19 Sep 1944; Dulag, Leyte, 5 Nov 1944 (operated from Morotai, 5–30 Nov 1944); San Jose, Mindoro, 20 Dec 1944; Ie Shima, 6 Aug 1945; Fukuoka, Japan, 24 Nov 1945; Ashiya AB, Japan, 22 May 1946; Itazuke AB, Japan, 6 Sep 1946; Ashiya AB, Japan, 14 Apr 1947; Itazuke AB, Japan, 25 Mar 1949; Tsuiki AB, Japan, 11 Aug 1950; Suwon AB, South Korea, 5 Oct 1950

No ETO or WTO of operations...
do you know of any specailist military search sites, i always have to use google....................


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