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TBMs on the deck of USS Belleau Wood (CVL-24) as the rear of the ship burns after a kamikaze strike, 30 October 1944

As I commented in the What annoyed you thread a few days back this sort science is about as accurate as much of the current climate science and automatically assumes that a bigger brain means greater intelligence.
Other scientists of the day, the phrenologists, were using the shape of the head and the lumps and bumps on the skull to predict behaviour.
There always has been and probably always will be quack science.
this sort science is about as accurate as much of the current climate science
I have to strongly disagree

How is "brain weight" determined except by autopsy?
Measuring skull size (of several symetrical points on the skull) and then multiplying by "weight factor" that was probably determined from hundreds (or thousands?) of autopsy measurements before and after brain removal. By the 1930's this sort of data would be extant and widely available. Brain mass could be determined based on a known strong correlation between certain skull measurements and the actual weight of the brain after removal. Similar measurements for other parts of the bodies and the resultant data are how coroners and forensic anthropologists can examine a skull or pelvis and state whether "female" or "male". Some of these anthropological "measurement ranges" can be strongly suggestive of ethnicity or geographical origin. Of course, the stuff in the image I posted is borderline "hokum".

Here's a link:
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I wonder if both of those steering wheels were hooked up ?
Some driver's ed car had two steering wheels, late 50's early 60's.
I think they quit using them because they had several problems when the student was stronger than the teacher.

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