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Mirage F.1
Today i swear i kidd you not i was the target of one of those glorious french bastards.
Went on a drive near Puy Mary France, wich is a dead vulcano high up. I heard, not saw it driving colls upwards. It climbed and it went out of hear or vision. Couldnt get to top because of work on the road, stopped at another col. It pulled up and I flashed my lights like a little kid. When it went through the canyon Hahaha. Frenchy. Got yah.

Down i went. Now colls or corners a lit . The bastard waited for i guess 200m of straight road.
Blitzed the bejesuss out of me at 30 meter over top. One pass. Sound was of something very big metalic just hurled down from a hill. Very very loud.
Me and my love where shocked, scared and then laughed. Loud, it was great.
Game set and match for the frenchies.

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