Pictures of Cold War aircraft.

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The only US Fighter to see service in both Korea (shooting Down Mig 15's) and Vietnam (Jamming SAM Radars) the F3D-2/F-10B
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Source Skyknight: The F3D Had a 6:1 Kill Ratio But It's Remembered More For Its Nicknmes
F3D-2M launching from a carrier with 4 Sparrow missiles - 16 F3D-2s were modified for the Sparrow development program, with guns removed and an AN/APQ-36 radar installed in the nose.


Another F3D-2M with Sparrows:


EF-10B used to develop the AGM-45 Shrike anti-radiation (anti-radar) missile:

A United States Air Force C-5A Galaxy cargo plane lands at RAF Greenham Common, carrying U.S. Tomahawk cruise missiles
for the airbase near Newbury, Berkshire, U.K., on Tuesday, November 15, 1983. In 1981 women's peace camps were established
at the base in protest of the cruise missiles being deployed in Britain.

FRED and Hurky. I worked on FRED as my first duty assignment, 436 MAW Dover AFB DL. Ever notice the C-5 bases have corn growing around them, It's so FRED knows where home is. To get one of those things in the air, you take a truck full of corn and drive fast down the runway thronging corn out yelling HERE SOUY SOUY COME ON PIGGY!!!!! After I left Dover I went to the 43rd SW Andersen AFB on Guam. Yeah I know it sound like some kind of disease but it weren't so bad, Anywho... I had to get a hop to go back to the states. They had a C-5 come in and they were clearing out the passengers loading them up. There were three seats left and I came next. Sgt Phillips, I came up, we have three seats left, You get one seat but there is a C-141 coming in and there is a family of three we could seat. I jumped at the C-141 option. I told them I'll be back and the states and that C-5 will be here for a week! I was correct!!!!
After Desert Storm Mac Air put out a poster which said something to the effect that "Every single enemy fighter downed in DS was downed by an aircraft built by MacAir".

A lot of great planes were built there.
While not quite totally accurate, a nice sentiment. I know of at least one F-111 credit of an enemy fighter by out flying him into the ground😄

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