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Nov 3, 2004
Praga Mater Urbium
Hi all,

just returned from Karlsbad, which is a beautiful spa city in West-North of the Czech Republic. I was there on a overall state finals of a so called action "High School Scientific Activites". I was in the category number 16, which meant I was doing History. My project is called "Jews in Czechoslovak army in USSR - Lion With The Star Of David" and is - as obvious from the name - about Czechoslovak citizens of Jewish origin, who fought in the Czechoslovak foriegn army in the Sovet Union during the 2nd World War.
It is a little known fact, mostly on purpose of the communist party, that most of the fighters in the beginning of the born of Czechoslovak army in the East were Jewish. And they were also the most brave ones. The study has some 50+ pages and there is added an interview with one of the Jewish veterans, Bedřich Kopold. What will be interesting for you guys from the USA, is that when Bill Clinton, when he was just a young student, visited mr. Kopold for a few weeks (he was a school mate of Kopold's son, who died accidentally).
Anyway, it's gonna be published as a small book and I hope I'll translate the text into English, so it could be spread around the world (maybe I'll send one copy to Clinton...). Oh, and I won the 5th prize, which isn't bad I guess - out of the whole Czech Republic. :-k
Well done buddy! Maybe you should attempt to get a version of it published?
Thanks. :D

I'm currently negotiating with the director of the Czech Jewish Museum about publishing it. During the Sumer, I'll translate it to English and put up a website.

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