Plane videos on my website

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Apr 6, 2005
I have just joined this illustrious company and by way of introduction I invite you to visit my website to view my video clips - a variety of planes old and new, civil and military with more coming soon.

It took me a while to find this WW2 site - too many aviation forums, especially with videos, are more concerned with modern airliners than historic stuff. Plus it seems I can post videos here too.

Thanks and best wishes
Not bad! I took a cursory look and had to look at some of the Mildenhall video. I was stationed at Lakenheath for 3 years and went to the Mildehall Air Fetes every year. In those days, Lakenheath had the F-111.
Thanks for the comments... not too bad eh? What would really please you guys then? I have quite a bit of footage from Mildenhall and various other UK airshows which I will get around to posting in due course.

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