Please Help Identify This Instrument

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Jun 16, 2007
We bought this at a garage sale can't find anyone who can tell us exactly what it is. We've searched all over the internet, visited the local VFW, the Planes of Fame the Air Museum in Chino, CA... nobody seems to know. If someone here can help, we would greatly appreciate it.
Thanks, Denise
cakollektor, could you give us the dimentions of the part. I have to agree with Thorlifter. It looks way to big to be for an aircraft. At least by looking at the pictues and the location for the placement of fittings.
Thanks so much to everyone for the input. In answer to Saburo's question regarding a data plate, there is none... we did find a number stamped into the metal underneath top ring. I wrote it down, but can't seem to find where I wrote it now. I believe it was six digits, the first digit a 3. It came in a wooden box, but I don't know if it is meant to be in the box, or if a previous owner did that. The top ring is 5-7/8" diameter the height is about 4-1/16", not including the post that sticks out the bottom. I added a couple more photos. Again, thanks for the help. Denise

Wow, this is a fun mytery. Do you have any assurange that it is military related at all? I mean yes, its got the look, but it might be some sort of flow meter for a milking parlor for all we know!

Anyhow, I checked out this site:

The Fleet Type Submarine Online

Based on the submarine theory and didn't see any obvious matches on the sttering equipment stations. But someone else might have more time -- and its a great site to look at in any case.

Does anyone else look at the -40 to 40 scale and the 10 to 0 scale and think some sort of main and vernier scales?
Wow awsome job there Olivier. I could have stared at that all day and never figured it out.
Woohoo! That is so cool. I didn't think we were ever going to find out what it was. We bought it to resell on Ebay have been sitting on it for about 6 months because we didn't know how to list it. You made my day, Olivier, thank you! Thanks to all for taking the time to help solve our little mystery. Now that I know what it is, I am going to try to get it listed on Ebay starting tomorrow, in case anyone is interested. We'll even work out some kind of discount if the winning bidder happens to be a Warbird Forum member, since we couldn't have done it without you. I don't know if it's legal (on Ebay) to discount the final price of auction items, but the shipping charges can be discounted or done away with partial refunds are legal. Thanks again, Denise :wave:
Nice tracking guys. Sure looks like a dive plane indicator, but I like the diagram you attached, Subaro. I bet you've nailed it.
I would like to provide a link to this thread on Ebay when I list this item so people can see the photos posted by Olivier, but I thought I better check here first to make sure it isn't in violation of forum policy or just improper forum etiquette to do so. Please let me know. Thanks, Denise

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