Possibly the epitome of male majesty and supreme power...

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Nov 22, 2004
I love lions...especially the looks of those males with their long manes...

Look at this supreme specimen handling hyenas...named by the tribe of the area "He who greets with fire...". Concise powerful name.

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmtvtAiDS-0

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKmvKBs53YM

The one who greets with fire shown on both videos...

Just look at his attitude when he comes out of the bush- the daylight action-..."any problem around here...?"

That male simply rules.

You should see a fight between two male lions when one defends his territory, harem and cubs against an intruding male. One single of those slaps they throw at each other directed against a person and you bet his head will be swiftly severed and fly no less than 50 yards away.

Of course there are bigger and more powerful living creatures out there in Africa: elephants, rinos, hippos, nile crocs...yes elephants can tear trees down; a hippo might chop you in two with just one bite..but in my view none of those beat the looks of that male.
Agreed Udet the male lion is awesome (even more so when you see them up close in the wild). They say that you are frightened three times by a lion, first when you see its tracks, second when you here its roar and lastly when you see the beast itself. I must say it is unnerving when you hear one in the bush nearby and you are on foot with only 2 game guards with guns around...
Except for one time when i had the chance of visiting Africa (Atlantic coast), i have not yet had the chance of seeing lions in the wild. Hope someday i do.

But i agree with you...the roar is really something. A hunter, a friend of my family in London, he has been to Africa several times to carry on with his personal butcheries told me when the male lion roars at full power, you can "feel the ground rumble".

He also witnessed a blood bath when two male lions exploded and charged against a clan of hyenas killing several and crippling others of in a period of about 1/2 hour. So the stamina of male lions is something to be taken into account, they are natural born fighters and the hyenas are not exactly what you´d call easy preys as they are robust and tough, but against a large male, they are of course doomed.

All big cats have a strong cartilage that is more like a special bone in their throats, allowing them to roar like they do. Lions, Tigers, Jaguars (a cat bigger than his african relative) and Leopards have it. Smaller cats like the cheetah and cougar too have it but it is smaller and weaker, so they do not roar.

If i recall correctly, i once saw a documental, "the making of Jurassic Park"; and when they explained how was it they came up with the mighty roar of the T-Rex, it was shown they utilized roar recordings from male lions, elephants and crocs and had them all processed at the console.

It is interesting to note the fascination male lions have exercised since ancient times. Even to have nations where lions have not existed including them in their flags or banners...see the Royal Standard, beautiful though.
Agreed Udet the male loin is awesome (even more so when you see them up close in the wild).

Sorry Gnomey but I dont wish to hear about your personal opinions of another mans loin....:lol: Personally the only loin that I think is awesome is my own. :lol:

Gnomey said:
They say that you are frightened three times by a loin, first when you see its tracks, second when you here its roar and lastly when you see the beast itself.

I dont like to look at other mans loins...or beasts as you call them...:lol:
I clean the tracks from my loin so they aren't near as frightening as they used to be.

I think that most fearsome animal that I saw (live) was a 12ft + white polar bear. It looked big on all fours. But then it stood up and its paws were the size of huge dinnerplates.

In the Washington DC Smithsonian Natural History Museum there used to be a HUGE mounted tiger that was shot in India?, as I recall. This animal was way over 600lbs and over 11ft long from nose to tail. I never forgot the size of that thing. Truly amazing. Probably collecting dust in the back archives now, with all the bleeding heart animal lovers.
Possibly the epitome of male majesty and supreme power...

someone called for me ;)

No the title of this thread is not "The Most Gay Man On Earth!"

Lets see I am trying to think of the most fearsom animal I have ever actually seen in the wild and I think it would have to be a polar bear as well. I have seen a Kodiak and a Grizzly as well to in the wild.
Lanc, well...i acknowledge everything i had believed was pure fantasy; it is obvious the one who greets with fire will be second only to you...

About animals, although far from being majestic as we humans have made them objects of fun and entertainment, there you have chimps...how physically powerful those guys are...

When i lived in Mexico City, a friend of mine was close to someone who work or worked at Mexico City´s zoo park...so to some extent he had "privileged access" to some areas of the zoo; when the zoo is closed to the public zoo workers carry on with their tasks of cleaning the park, feeding and examining the animals, etc.

My friend taped a scene when zoo workers let a lage male chimp play with a water hose they use to clean his place...the bastard would even aim the water directly at the workers soaking them, but the most interesting and illustrative part came when workers tried to get their water hose back from mr. chimp.

Holding the water hose with only one hand, four workers pulling from outside could not get the hose back....and for the chimp it was no sweat. So one of them said to the camera "basically we will get the water hose back until mr. tough guy thinks such a thing is convenient."
On a normal day I would find this thread mildly disturbing. After all, there's some near sexual excitement about the Lion being our mascot of manhood or something.

But ... I don't find anything wrong with this thread right now because I see it as Gnomey and Udet getting really excited about a big *****. :lol:

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