Pre-WW1 prop boss - any ideas? (1 Viewer)

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Chris H

Dec 3, 2010
Wrexham, N Wales
A pal of mine has sent me these images of an Armstrong Whitworth propellor boss!
Any ideas on the " what, where, when" of this substantial piece of timber would be greatly appreciated!


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A piece of a prop used for the 160hp Beardmore aero engine powered many WWI planes.

Airco DH.3
Armstrong Whitworth F.K.8
Austin Kestrel
Beardmore W.B.II
Beardmore W.B.X
Central Centaur IIA
Marinens Flyvebaatfabrikk M.F.6
Martinsyde G.102
Norman Thompson N.T.2B
Royal Aircraft Factory F.E.2
Royal Aircraft Factory R.E.7
Short Sporting Type
Supermarine Channel
Supermarine Sea King
Vickers F.B.14
Yep. A couple of details more for the prop ....

DRG. LP. 2390A - also DWG, the drawing number, referring to the blueprint from which the propeller was manufactured.
160.HP. BEARDMORE - the engine type
ARMSTRONG WHITWORTH - the manufacturer
G1013 N13. - possible the prop serial.

D. 2840 (2-840) - the number, referring to diameter/length of propeller in inches, meters, cm, mm ... etc
P.1900 - the pitch of the propeller
G1013 N13. - see above.

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