Probably read this somewhere but.........

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Swede Ware

Apr 6, 2020
Hamilton, Ohio
I have shot my current project with AK primer..acrylic.. Now I have found a color that I would rather use from MRP Mr Paint in lacquer. Can I go ahead and use the lacquer or will the acrylic primer get pissed and melt the model?? Appreciate any info .......
It's not likely that your model will melt but quite possible that your paints will turn to goo. While it's possible that SOME lacquers, applied SPARINGLY over SOME acrylics can work fine, you'll need to ask yourself if your model is worth the risk. Suggest you try it on some spare parts that you won't use or on an old model that can be used as a "mule" before using your model as a guinea pig
Thanks CR, I was afraid that would be the story. I knew I could mix acrylic and enamel but had hoped with this combination! Appreciate the information!!!!!

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