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Glock Perfection
Apr 12, 2005
Washington State
Has the profanity filter been turned off? Seems like some expletives and profanity now go through in raw form.

I vote for keeping it on in case anyone asks. While I'm as guilty as the next guy, it is easy to begin moving towards crude discussions or descriptions in otherwise thoughtful and technical discussion. Certainly there are ways around that filter, but when you have to think about it I think it minimizes the use of expletives. Too many young ones to allow free reign.

My two cents, Horse and Moderators.

Dispose of this as you wish.
I think the only ones that can change it are Horse and Even. I too think the filter should be in place. Not that a filter really does anything but as you said there are young ones around.
Not sure why the **** it broke. Might be when the server swap was done or on the last upgrade. Either way, I ****ing fixed it. ;) We can tweak it as necessary. I allowed **** and ***, because Richard's nickname gets blocked and Lancs full username. I got the biggies.
I guess more appropriately would be "banzia". Don't want Les to have visions of forum members thinking that he is clipping and snipping dwarf plants with dainty gloves now do we.


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