PzKw IV 1.35 Italeri

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Feb 2, 2009
Southern Germany
Well I think it's time for a bit heavy metal.
Late in the 70-ties I bought some Italeri PzKw IV modelkits for an apple and an egg, as we say in Germany.


Really I built two tanks but I will describe only one in detail. I bought an engine and a transmition from the after market. The transmisssion was wrong and I had to change it a bit. Bulkheads turretbasket and some other things were made of plastc card.


Some changes of the transmission with 2-K putty. You will not see too much through the openings. their is no need for expensive items.


Now let's start with the hull. This will be a late Panzer IV. It had a fueltank where once was a small engine for the turret gear. The poor ladds had tu do it now by hand.

Good stuff Michael.
I have three of the old Italeri PzKfw IV built and packed away, along with a lot of other vehicles and figures, which were going to form a large diorama of 21st Pz. Div in Normandy. It's not a bad kit overall, considering its age, and can turn out very nice - especially with all the extra detail I'm sure you'll be adding.
Let's fill the hull.


The white parts are castings in paster of paris. Except the engine and the gear all master forms are made of plasticard.

Next step was cementing all this parts in the hull. It's easier applaying the "Zimmerit" in advance. I use a cheap forming mass which is washable and dries quickly in the air. No problem when you goofed.


There is always the need to check the fiiting of parts when you use scratchbuild parts.


Well furbar 57,
when parts are missing or bad a little diorama scene will help. The right driving sprocket was broken so I will show it damaged.



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Michael, interesting proposal.

My respect for those who make tanks! I do not have armed one yet, it will be at a future even timeless! :rolleyes:
I'll be watching to learn how you bring it to fruition.

Saludos :thumbup:
Luis Carlos
This will be an upshot tank. I will have to build the damaged parts while constructing the vehicle.



Most of the parts are scratchbuild and forms made of cheap water soluble molding compound I got from my dentist-





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