Québec City Airshow 2008... Don't miss it gentlemen !

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    At the occasion of the 2008 Québec City Airshow (which is also coinciding with the city's 400th anniversary), there will be a lot of top performers.

    Two of the top Europeans groups already accepted to perform there. The Red Arrows (Great-Britain) and the Patrouille de France ((France) yes, they have good pilots there) have accepted to come to Canada. The only thing missing is the Ministry of Defence's agreement... Which should come shortly.

    The US will also send some of their troops over here also. For the third time in a row, the Blue Angels will be there as well as (may be) the Thunder Birds. Yes, both squadrons could be there on the same week-end. Even if an inside law of the Pentagon prohibit them to be in the same foreign country at the same time.

    While questionned about that by an airshow's spokesman, the Thunder Birds spokesman replied : "There is exceptions to each laws."

    Don't miss it, gentlemen ! On June 13th, 14th and 15th, come over to Québec City's Jean-Lesage Airport for one of the greatest airshow ever held in Canada.

    Hmmm... May be I should try a new career in advertisement. :-k

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