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    I am working on an SBD Dauntless by Accurate Miniatures and have approached the painting stage. I am going for a very used and abused look as this will be depicted as part of VMSB-241 stationed in the Philippines during the later portion of the war. This is being done in memory of Lt. Moore who was KIA during a raid in 1945 over the Philippines, they had seen multiple missions and their plane had been through a lot. I have practiced with washes but I am looking to give the wear another level and make it more realistic. I have seen people do pre-shading but am not sure if I am ready for that, especially with this model. There is also another practice I have see with pre-painting the model a metallic silver color, painting the color over it, and then sanding it in areas to show wear. Each practice I am unsure of how it is exactly done. Any help would be appreciated.

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    if you want to paint wear but is chipping have the technique of lacquer (hairspray) and the technique of salt are very easy both, but also has the masked Products mask microscale or neo and Gunze never I've done the sanding has to be careful because the reliefs are often left with the plastic bare me this technique only couple spending awhen is a coat on now as white tails aussies airplanes or Russian planes, although also because I do it with pencil silver painted after assembly, it is easy and simple uqe only has to be careful not to have the tip of the pencil very thick

    It is if you recommend that before making it on the plane in question the practice on a piece of plastic to learn not everyone can get results directly from the explanation I for example for the technique of the salt well i was over 1 year practicing lacquer still do not master and it is like sandpaper all even unchecked it so complicated.

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