Questions about Hungarian Me210 fighter

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Dec 6, 2005
1. What types is Me210 which Hungarian made? Me210C1 or Me210Ca1? Did Hungarian just make one type of Me210?

2. What differences were between Me210C and Me210A1?
2.1) All the Hungarian Me210s used Db605 engines? Did it use Db601?
2.2) Did Me210C1 or Me210 Ca1 has a lengthened fuselage and new leading-edge slats which are the same as Me410?
Some website shows Me210 Ca1 length is 12.25m, it is the same as Me210A1 and longer than Me210 A0 25cm.
Translated version of

Others shows Me210 Ca1 length is still 12m as same as Me210 A0.

3.Did Hungarian Me210 and Me210 A0 A1 have some successes in the sky fight?


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