Questions about the crewmembers of the B-17 42-31975 ”Queen of the air” last flight

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Dec 17, 2016
Hello, This picture represents the crewmembers of a 8th​ Air Force B-17. The third from left on the front row is TSgt Dwight E. Suddock. He flew most of his last 19 missions on the B-17 Serial 42-31975 “Queen of the Air” of 510th​ BS, 351th BG, shot down over France by German fighters on mission 373 on May 27, 1944. (Suddock survived). Has anyone ever seen this picture with a legend? Is Staff Sergeant Avondle L. Willhite, who was KIA on this May 27, 1944 mission, on this picture? Is the B-17 in the background the “Queen of the air”?

téléchargement (13).jpg

Best Daniel
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Mar 26, 2007
Dec 17, 2016
shot down by Robert "Bazi"Weiss
101st claim ( Luftwaffe and Allied Air Forces Discussion Forum - View Single Post - Robert "Bazi"Weiss )
B-17G-35-BO Flying Fortress
20km NW of Colmar @ 7500m
Was this 42-31975/TU- "Queen of the Air" of 510th BS, 351st BG? 1/Lt. Horace E Hopkins and 7 others all KIA, one crewman POW and one evaded capture. Location matches well, but timing is a little out
Thank you Snautzer01 ; 2 B-17s were shot down during this mission 373 in the Colmar sector. The "Queen of the air" crashed about 55 km WNW of Colmar,. The other one (42-97149), crashed at Baldenheim, about 25 km NNE of Colmar. I think, but this has to be confirmed, that Weiss rather shot down the second one because, from what we know, the "Queen of the air" had been attacked much further West.

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