R/C Warbird idea #2 a more legal version, LOL

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    Specifications: Vought F4U Corsair, RC Warbird.

    Wing span: 5 ft, 1.5in
    Length: 4 ft, 8 in
    Height: 2 ft, 0.125”
    Wing Area: 39ft, 3in sq ft
    Empty: 75 lb
    Gross: 90 lb

    Maximum Speed: 55.75 mph
    Service Ceiling: 5,187 ft
    Maximum Range: 90mi

    Powerplant: R-350-18W Double Wasp eighteen-cylinder radial engine, developing 33hp for take-off, 31 hp @ 2,875 ft and 38 hp for "War Emergency". Runs of 2-stroke 92 octane premium gasoline
    Type: 18-cylinder air-cooled twin-row radial engine with water injection
    Bore: 0.71in
    Stroke: 0.75in
    Displacement: 87.6cc turbocharged
    Diameter: 6.5 in
    Dry weight: 30 lb

    6 x blank .06 CAL gas barrels (some variants will have four 2.5mm blank gas barrels) and two 25lb faux bombs or eight 0.625 in non-detonating rockets.
    Airframe and skin panels are real aluminum. The airframe is CNC machined 7075T. The landing gear is made of steel. The propeller is 7075T.
    Each plane has a ballistics calculator that interacts with another planes calculator and they communicate strikes and kills. Each plane is also equipped with smoke systems in the engine bays, cowlings and wing roots. Each cockpit is expertly modeled with plastic and other metal bits. All gauges and lights work. The 9” pilot model inside is equipped with a Go Pro camera system that is servo controlled by the user via the ‘Oculus Rift” VR headset. The software will super impose all tracers and strikes. Players can agree to enable full kill mode where the plane will spray fuel into the engine bay and ignite. This feature is GPS restricted. Dolby 7.1 surround 48Bit HD sound with 12 microphones inside the cockpit.Special electric articulating chairs can also be purchased to further immerse you in a dog fight. When the opponent’s plane is shot down it will dive steeply until it reaches a laser calculated recovery height and then the smoke is turn off and it can be manually landed or auto aided to land via a small RADIO 2.4GHz/5.8GHz – WiFi – 4G LTE beacon. The plane must be flown with a PC flight stick, throttle and rudder system.

    Price: $1,500.00 USD
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    if you are going to build something that big...spend the extra cash and build yourself an ultralight or light sport! you can buy a fairly decent one already built for twice that and a kit for 3 to 4 times that. granted it wont look like a warbird.... but when you are at 5000 feet crusing around you wont care one bit.

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