RACF P-39's?

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Jan 13, 2006
In 1941 the RCAF was to purchase 144 P-39's, the entry of USA into WW2 caused this sale to be cancelled I believe aircraft were sent to Russia, any info on this proposed sale, model and delivery dates for P-39's?
The P-39D enter US service inFebruary 1941. It's development coincided with the Model 14(20mm replaced 37mm cannon) intended for the Armee de'l Air and was ordered by the British govt. April 13, 1940. 675 Model 14s were ordered by the RAF. 212 of these were diverted to Russia- 54 were lost at sea and 179 were taken over a P-400 by the A.A.F.

It's RAF life was short but I have yet to find any info on proposed sales to the RCAF that ultimately went to Russia in 1941 other than that listed above.

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