RAF/RCAF flightsuits...

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Greetings ladies and gentlemen.

As everyone knows, I'm a weirdo. But I noticed something concerning the RAF uniforms in WW II and I would like to have some informations about them.

I know that standard RAF uniforms are blue. My point is about flightsuits. I remember seeing a RCAF flightsuit in a museum that was blue (cotton ?). But I also remember seing some brown (leather) flightsuits.

Knowing that the air at 10,000 feet is always cold, I'm pretty sure the difference isn't for temperature matters.

So can somebody explain me why the RAF/RCAF had two different types of flightsuits ?
Could the bulkier RCAF examples have been for winter/arctic operations in Canada? As you know, living in Québec and all, it can get pretty damn cold in some regions. ;)

No seriously, it'd be easier if a picture were available of what you were talking about. Both air forces used various types of flightsuits. I know the Canadians wore a mix of British and American styles at times, although usually British throughout the war. According to my grandfather, sometimes the fellas just wore anything warm they could lay their hands on, but if I remember right he may have been talking about post-war flights in Canada. :-k
Flight suits in the states got more standardized after WW2. As NS said, during the war years US pilots wore whatever was comfortable and warm. In Korea the The L-18 and K-28 was used in the summer and most other times, there was also the Blue winter flight suit that was much heavier and warmer. When the F-104 came into service, pilots used a special flight suit that incorporated a g-suit and pressurization system. This hung around for a few years until the Nomex/ g-suit combnation became the norm.

The L-18 stayed around for a while until the Nomex suit came into use. It was eventually embraced by all services. Depending on service and occupation, nomex suits came in Blue, sage green and orange (AKA Pumpkin Suit)
Okay... I looked on Googles and I could only find a picture of an RAF flightsuit that was not made of leather... And was not blue either.

However, I found two paintings of what I meant... I attached all of those pictures below.


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The guy in the bottom pic is either wearing the standard Commonwealth sheepskin flying jacket over his blue uniform, or a full suit. I can't tell. Lined leather suits weren't that uncommon either for aircrews.
Okay... So the blue flightsuit I had seen (like in the second picture) was simply his standard uniform.

There is still a big difference between the warm leather flightsuit and the thin blue uniform...

Thanks for the information.

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