Rare Aviation films/newsreels

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Jan 11, 2005
Cordoba - Argentina
With the recent restoration and digitalization of film archives by many european countries there are now many sources to watch WW1 videos wich until recently were very much unknown, I created this topic for posting and talking about the (in my view) most interesting clips and parts of that films..

something for a start, Hermann Göring at his Fokker DV, 1918. Notice the telescopic gunsight.

These films are just wonderful :thumbright:Thank you for starting this thread. What kind of aircraft is it that Richthoven has shot down?
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Nice video.

Did I see Herman on the left in the scene with the pilots?

Notice the priming of the cylinders with fuel before start up.
What is the object of the wing at ~1:00?

It's one of these; it's an airspeed indicator, the wee vane turns and provides pressure in the valve, which moves the needle.


This one's off an Albatros D Va. (Fxxking Photobucket won't allow me to edit the image by putting it the right way round.)
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Good morning, Happy revolution day for everyone, I found this clips, can anyone indentify this old string birds.

Great videos - i din't know the one with von Richthofen even existed.

Thanks, they always put a glimpse of that in WW1 documentaries, but the secuence is much longer.

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