Raymond F. Toliver - RIP

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Apr 9, 2005
Colorado, USA
I just read that Raymond F. Toliver passed away. Col. Toliver (Ret.) wrote countless books on WW2 and did a great job in organizing reunions between allied and German WW2 fighter pilots. His book "Fighter Aces of the Luftwaffe" will always be one of my favorites.

Rest in peace Colonel! :salute:
I have an original horrido, and at the time it was a classic,...now it is old and warped news. I have misgivings as the Colonel and I could not connect by phone or mail due to him being "too busy" ........... yeah right

RIP bub
I knew Toliver. I talked to him a number of times. I wrote to him, as well. I put him in touch with a couple of the German aces. Borchers, and I believe the other was Dickfeld, but not sure. He promised to give me a letter from Baer, but never quite found it.
Had a crazy idea once to bring "Blonde knight of germany." to cinema. Unfortunatly I'm no wheeler dealer, and a poor writer to boot. Yet he had me over gave me two copies of the book (one signed.)and chewed ideas about my plan for a couple hrs, all from one cold call to him. the guy was a real soul.
God bless you colonel.
I contacted Ray when I was in high school, and he replied. Eventually we visited one another several times and discussed "the writing game". Though I wouldn't say I became a protoge', he was always supportive of my ambition as an historian. RIP.
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