Real Bolingbroke/Blenheim or CGI

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Definitely CGI, but way cool! Loved the Lockheeds at the end. And the didn't realize Blenheim would be fantastic candidate for sharks teeth.
Its real I found out filmed at Pat Bay in British Columbia all the aircraft are right for the base maybe even some of the P40s did time in the aleutians
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Fantastic I would say. Wish I could watch it. Must be a treasure trove of WWII technology. Though I don't know if it was YouTube or the original film, but the speeded up timescale is a turnoff.
Look they are real the film was shot in the 1940's a time when any models or graphics (not CGI as there are no computers) would have looked terrable and obvious. The film was for propoganda purposes and shot in Canada there was a P40 at the begining but not encluded in this excert as i said in the coments i didn't want the dog in it to much. As for the speeding up that is because the DVD i had was NTSC and i work in PAL the frame rate is different NTSC = 30fps and PAL = 25fps so it appears jurky my apologies

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