Reduce or enlarge plans soon to come

What modification would you like in an airplane plan

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Hi out there, I am in the process equipting myself to modify your plans, to make them larger such as from 1/5 to 1/4 etc. Once the work done you will receive the printed plans from Cad and this with a complete list of wood needed to fabricate the plans. It should be good for me, because I enjoy making or modifying plans and good for you because you will finaly get what you need and want, so keep cheking in occationaly for update. I don't know when at this time but before chrismast Ha ha.

PS envent the web site is being drasticly modified.

Jean Forgues
Hi guys an gals :idea: well here it is, I am now able to enlarge your plans, if you have a favorite plan that you like and want to revive it at last it's possible. Let me know and we will discus your needs. If you can send me the plans in a digitized form, you can save about $80.00; otherwise shipping the paper plans is the alternative.

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