Refilling Engraved Legend Plates.

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    Provided that the engraving needs to be white; and where there is sufficient depth of engraving; try this...

    Remove paint with decorators' fine wire wool... not Paint stripper as this can actually remain in the engraving.

    Wash off residue with white spirit and allow to dry.

    Mix a suitable amount of correction fluid... the opaque, white fluid applied to paper to mask errors in text... (Snopake, Tipp-ex, Liquid Paper, etc)... with white spirit to the required consistency ... (runnier is better); and apply to the engraving with a fine artist's brush.
    Don't worry too much about spread outside the engraving area.

    When completely dry... when the white spirit has evaporated; simply wipe over with a soft tissue moistened with white spirit, and wrapped around something flat and firm... a pencil eraser is perfect. This will remove any overspread.
    If any white lifts from the engraving; simply repeat the process.

    Finally; apply a light coating of matte lacquer... Job done!... and you don't get the faint white "Hazing" on the base coating, which is common with most other methods of filling.

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