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    I have quite a few of these that have a "kinda sorta" description in the filename. I am working diligently to properly document all of them (including the ones that have some documentation in them but incomplete).

    What I am hoping to find, somewhere, is a site, database, etc. that I can use to compare the ones I am unclear on. Yes, that will be a lot of work but I do have time to make that effort at times. The specific information I would like to have on most of them are manufacturer/designer, specific model, and common name; like Messerschmitt Me-163B Komet. If I have two sets with top and bottom views I also append Dorsal or Ventral to that.

    I have some that are close to correct but have some specific items that I would like to clear up for my OCD sanity level like correct hyphenation in manufacturer names: Mikoyan-Gourevitch, I have seen it listed both with and without the hyphen and want everything to be consistent and correct; correct hyphenation in model numbers: MiG-31, I have seen some models of MiG without that hyphenation and I expect that some of the documentation that I am relying upon have errors. I assume you can get my drift from all of that. Also, where appropriate, Douglas, McDonnell, McDonnell-Douglas (or McDonnell Douglas) etc.

    I need my documentation to be as accurate as possible. Any ideas where/how I can properly document all of this along with finding pictures I can use to compare my 3-views with to verify if I have the correct information for each of them?

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