Remembrance Day

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Globetrotting Surgeon General
As you all know tomorrow is Remembrance day. I would like everyone (as I am sure you will anyway) to take the time tomorrow to remember those that fought and died for their countries in the many wars this century (WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Falklands, Iraq etc) and in previous centuries.

Remember the Fallen. Celebrate the survivors. Never Forget.



I always have done GN for all those young fellas who never had a fair crack of the whip from what ever nation they came from.
Our family remembers this young lad more than most , my uncle killed at 20, sgt pilot Dennis Carty (Wellington pilot with the RCAF Bison sqdn)
we only learned that info from the guys on this site so although I have a laugh and joke with you guys I shall always remember the help you gave.
Cheers fellas.


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I visited this place in 1998.

Of all the places I've traveled in the world, I consider this place to be the most touching.

So many MIA graves. So many men who fell far from home and now resting here.


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Ill be going to Fort Benning tommorow to see the Service at the base. I hope my great uncle, who was in the Army Air Corps in the Pacific, comes with us. He is getting pretty old but is a fighter. He's 93 and i hope he lives to 100 and more....

God Bless those who died for the sake of democracy!
I have just seen on the tv a news item where they asked passers by in London what the Poppy day appeal stood for and the answers they got where shocking one young woman thought it was something to do with celebrating the beginning of autumn what the fuck have they been teaching at schools.
I will observe the 2 minute silence at 1100hrs and think of all the dead including the lads from all nations who coped it in the Gulf, sleep peacefully fellas no more worrys for you.

Part of For the Fallen By Lawrence Binyon 1869-1943

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old;
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.
Indeed...Thanks so much for the sacrifices you made to give us a better life...

Its just a damn shame that some of the ignorant poeple at school dont appreciate this...
Well then it's up to us to educate them. By and large, Canadian youth do appreciate the significance of Remembrance Day and what service members have fought for, and continue to fight for throughout the world. Happily, it's still emphasized in the schools here. People are steadily growing complacent though, and it isn't just the younger generations.
I'll never forget. Ever.

A few years ago I was walking down the sidewalk here in Halifax, to meet my wife after work. I was in uniform, and I was stopped by an old fella who was coming the opposite way. He looked to be in his eighties, and I don't know if he fought in WWII or not, but he may well have. I didn't ask him. Anyway, he just reached out to shake my hand and thank me for serving. I was completely taken aback. I think I finally managed to stammer out "You're welcome." or something inadequate like that, and then he just continued on his way. It blew me away. It made me humble, and I had never been so proud to wear the uniform as at that moment.
Well said Lee.

From the Fields of Normandy I bring back many memories.
Beneath them. I leave many friends,

For they are;
Les Fleurs de Normandie.

Les Fleurs de Normandie.

On Norman soil, they fought and died.
Now young men's graves in rows abound.
In Mother Earth's arms, now sanctified,
The fragrant flowers of our youth are found.

And yet, to rise again, as in a distant song.
Small voices that call, in dead of night.
Fleeting figures only in our dreams belong.
Alas, they fade, in dawn's bright light.

I see them yet, a sad, forgotten throng.
Shadowed, lost faces, marching on.
Over dusty roads, and high golden corn.
The call of long lost friends are borne.

We must not forget, the flowers of our days,
Lest they lay unquiet, in numbered graves.
For we lived, and loved, and life was sweet.
Still yet, for us, awaits our last retreat.

Flowers of our youth, now long since past.
Our sweet autumn days are fading fast.
We, who are left, flowered in our prime.
Enjoyed golden moments, on borrowed time.

Remember our friends, who passed this way.
For all our tomorrow's, they gave their today's,
On Utah and Omaha, Juno, Sword and Gold.
Oh! Dear Lord! See that they grow not old.

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