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Oct 28, 2004
im new to the site, and i was going to request information on warplane tactics and other tactics used during the war.

thanks in advance.
Firstly, welcome to the site :D I hope you stick around 8)

Unfortunately Im not very well infromed on this subject, but 95% of our members are very friendly and helpful :D Im sure someone will be able to help you in due course 8)
well, thanks any way, cheddar. i hope someone can help me by the 22nd of november.
Perhaps if you were more specific about what you're after? I'm sure that would do the trick.

It's just that the question you asked is humongous, and different people have different specialities when it comes to knowledge.
Or you could just spend your time posting up links for disturbing web-sites.... Yep, a clean bill of mental health for these forums......
Then again, we don't have this here.....


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more specifically, i need the tactics used in World War II, preferably used by warplanes.
Valid point :lol:

Thats still a bit vague though, do you mean by German fighter pilots? British bomber pilots? etc etc
What I meant to say , serious now , is that the air war was a war of atricion.(I know it's not spelt right).So the faster you could kill his planes and his pilots the faster you could gain air superiority and win the war.By the end of the war Hitler only had boy pilots left who could barely fly straight never mind fly and shoot effectively.The Brits and Yanks on the other hand had hundreds of veteran and ace pilots and better planes.(no Defiants though).


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I read somewhere about a P51 Mustang pilot who actually followed a Me109 that was nearly flying sideways because the pilot didnt know better than to trim his rudder.


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the most specific i can get are the air tactics that influenced who would win the war, any sites that you know of could be useful, and i know of thatcher's weave tactic.
Also as Adolf Galland said "the pilot who sees the other one first has half the victory already"


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