Requesting stories, poems and quotes

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the lancaster kicks ass

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Dec 20, 2003
right, a friend's mum's having a party to celebrate the 60th anniversairy of the end of WWII, and they've asked me to help find any short-ish stories, poems or quotes related to WWII that are very emotional and moving, any help would be gladly recieved, thanks!
uplifting stories mainly, a bit of "boo hoo" and a bit of "that's the spirit" would go down nicely too, i've started to collect peoms already.....
I've posted these before but here ya go Lanc....

Oh, Hedy Lamarr is a beautiful gal,
And Madeleine Carrol is too.
But you'll find, if you query,
a different theory
amoungst any bomber crew.
For the loveliest thing
of which one could sing
this side of the Heavenly Gates,
is no blonde or brunette
of the Hollywood set,
but an escort of P-38s.

Yes, in days that have passed,
when the tables were massed
With glasses of scotch or champagne,
It's quite true that the sight
was a thing to delight us,
Intent upon feeling no pain.
But no longer the same,
nowadays, in this game,
When we head north
from Messlina Straights,
Take the sparkling wine--every time
just make this mine
An escort of P-38s.

Byron, Shelley, and Keats
ran a dozen dead heats
Describing the view from the hills,
Of the valleys in May
When the winds gently sway
An army of bright daffodils.
Take the daffodils
Byron--the wild flowers, Shelley--
Yours in the myrtle, Friend Keats;
Just reserve me those cuties
--American Beauties--
An escort of P-38s

Sure, we're braver than hell,
on the ground all is swell,
in the air it's a different story.
We sweat out our track,
through the fighters and flak,
we're willing to split up the glory.
Well they wouldn't reject us,
so Heaven protect us,
and until all the shooting abates,
give us courage to fight 'em,
and one other small item,
An Escort of P-38s!


Don't give me a P-39 with an engine that's mounted behind
It will tumble and roll and dig a big hole
Don't give me a P-39.

Don't give me a P-38 with props that counter-rotate
They'll loop, roll and spin but they'll soon auger in
Don't give me a P-38!

Don't give me an old Thunderbolt. It gave many pilots a jolt
It looks like a jug and it flies like a tug
Don't give me an old Thunderbolt!

Don't give me a Peter Four Oh, a hell of an airplane, I know
A ground loopin' bastard. You're sure to get plastered
Don't give me a Peter Four Oh.

Don't give me a P-51, it was all right for fighting the hun
But with coolant tank dry. you'll run out of sky
Don't give me a P-51.

Don't give me a P-61, for night flying is no fun
They say it's a lark. but I'm scared of the dark
Don't give me a P-61.
thanks FB but remeber most of these poeple don't have a clue about planes :lol: so perhaps not so much plane related, i was thinking more of emotional stories......
the lancaster kicks ass said:
thanks FB but remeber most of these poeple don't have a clue about planes :lol: so perhaps not so much plane related, i was thinking more of emotional stories......

I'll try to dig some up for you Lanc, I'm off today, going flying ;)
True tale.
Antwerp middle of the V1 raids not long after its liberation.
A group of service men (Soldiers and Sailors) where billeted in the attic of a three story house various explosions where going off in the distance then suddenly theres a tremendous crash and clouds of dust and smoke as a V1 lands not 50 yards away.
There's cries of "Oh my god" and "is everybody OK?" as the dust and smoke cleared it became apparent that half the roof had been blown off and many nearby houses destroyed.
There was a rustling and from beneath a plaster and roof tile covered army blanket a soldier stood up in his long Johns walked slowly over to where the roof once was looked out and exclaimed "BLOODY HELL, would you look at that!".
His mates said anxiously "what is it Harry?, whats up? what can you see?" .
The soldier replied dryly.."its bleeding pissing down out there".
He then walked back to his blank shook off the dust and laid back down to finish his kip.
Two old hens to Winston Churchill - "Mr Churchill, you're drunk."

Churchill to the old hens - "Yes I am, but you two are ugly. In the morning I shall be sober."

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