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Sep 17, 2004
Moorpark, CA
HI all, I have been doing some research and am trying to find more info on the US Army 84th Chemical Mortar Battalion. They were attached to the US 3rd Infantry during the invasion of Italy. A family member was awarded the Silver Star during the crossing of the Volturno River.

I have gleaned a small amount of info from the web, but am more specifically looking for info on C Company of the 84th. I realize that most of us are into the air power, but I am hoping someone might know something, or someone about it.

Many thanks in advance!!!
Let me delve into my book on Italy - it might have something from Volturno ...but I don't think I'll find anything solely on C Company ...that's pushing it for my books.
I'm quite confused. I read up on the Volturno river crossing but I found no mention of the U.S 3rd. The crossing was made by the 34th (Red Bull) Division in my understanding, which consisted of 133rd, 135th and 168th Regiment.

So, it looks the 84th Chemical Mortar would have been attached to a regiment of the 34th Division during Volturno. Unless I am mistaken on the division that forced the crossing ...
The internet was quite confusing about the Volturno operation and my book actually misses off U.S 3D from it's Order of Battle - yet, looking at the battle maps the U.S 3D is there! The U.S 3D being the first across and the 34D relieving later.

Sorry, now I can research better.
Yep, I have been there and tried to contact the person listed there, no avail. Thanks for looking. As you can see, it is a tough nut to crack and I am having a devil of a time getting good info. Still digging...

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