Revell/Monogram 1:48 P-61 canopy

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Greg Boeser

Chief Master Sergeant
Jul 29, 2016
My son wants to build this kit with the canopy closed, but the parts do not fit.
What to do?
I agree. The couple of pics can help because the fixing of the issue depends on the reason for the "glass" doesn't fit usually.

Found a couple of canopy replacements. Don't know if they address your 8ssue, but there you go. From Scalemates. Great site for info on stuff for our art.
Part 75, the canopy hatch, is too small for the opening it's supposed to fill.
We are not interested in spending more money on replacement parts than the cost of the original kit.
The pic of the clear top isn't enough to estimate the difference in the dimensions between the top hatch and the slot for it. IMHO it should be moved forward in order to get the better fitting to the opening. To its back edge I would stick a piece/bar of a plastic to make the canopy hatch longer. It should be fitted to the curvature of the hatch edge. Later it should be painted at its top and bottom surface because it should be the rear frame of the clear hatch.

The alternative option can be the cut of the main cockpit canopy and removing of some plastic from its sides ... then re-attaching of the back part. Or attaching of both pieces to the fuselage separately. The canopy hatch also has to be moved forward. However the way of fixing may result in getting of much shorter canopy and losing of its fitting to the fuselage hole. So if the canopy fits the fuselage slot, the way of fixing shouldn't be used rather.



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