Revi 16B Gunsight

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Jul 29, 2006

I don't know if it's allowed to post here some offers or to ask for some appreciations, but I don't know too, where I could do that otherwisely on english or american webpages.

:arrow: I have found several Revi 16B with their packages and they are all like fresh from the factory (Including both windowpanes and the original bulb).
And they have no damages.

:!: I will also add some pictures until sunday evening.

Hope I can get some informations about their worth or find some prospective customer.
Any informations about other helpfully webgages are also wellcome.

Yours sincerely


:rolleyes: Sorry for any mistakes, but my english is not as well as it should be.
Thx for answering so fast!

But I have no idea how high could be a realistic price for things like them...
And I don't know any good place for offering so old stuff, so that collectors could find/see it, that's why I opend this thread.
After some quick looking with what u have, ur probably talking around $600-800 USD, maybe even more, but......

If u supply some pics, it might give a better idea.... They are very rare in new condition, and some restoration enthusiasts would pay BIG bucks for one... Evangilder or Erich might have some better advice...
here are some pics...


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and some more...


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Hi all !

As this is my first posting here, a friendly hello from Uxbridge, UK !

As to the Revi 16B gunsights, you may be aware that new Me262s are being built in Washington State, USA, and it occurs to me that they may be interested in getting hold of a genuine gunsight. For details, see here:

STORMBIRDS presents the Me 262 Project


My first post........hello to all...
MICSTU - Do you have a picture or diagram of the projected image that would be displayed? Thank You.........
OMG !!

what is the end of the story ??? are they still available ?
On saura jamais,mon ami, du business et du fric, c'est tt ce que voulait le proprio.
C'est parti aux us ou en allemagne...
Remaquons qu'aucune question technique n'a été posée.
No one will ever know my friend.
Just a matter of business, nothing more.
Sold and gone to germany or us.
Note that no technical question was asked.
But i'm sure the marvel(s'!!) Will find a good plce to be.
Unfortunately.... :(
J'espere simplement que ces pièces sont dans de bonnes mains.
hope they are in good hands by now.

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