Russian aircraft id

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Oct 18, 2005
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I have been doing some reaserch and have come across the following aircraft codes and i dont know what aeroplanes they are:

I have been lead to believe that they are Russian aeroplanes (possibly jets) but i was hoping people may be able to help here.
Well just by doing a search on the internet I came up with these:

R-80 is a kit bult reproduciton of the Tigermoth.

And the S-54 is a Russian aircraft built by Sukhoi.

Also just off of my helicopter knowledge the S-54 was a development of the Sikorsky S-52 from 1948 but was not produced.

The V-17, V-24, and V-29 could be prototypes of German aircraft also, such as Bf-109V-3. The V stands for Versuch which is experimental.

I am not sure if this helps you at all though. It might not be what you are looking for.
I never said they had anything to do with Russians. You never said you knew what those planes were up there. You said you were lead to believe that they were Russian Planes, here I will show you. You said:

I have been lead to believe that they are Russian aeroplanes (possibly jets) but i was hoping people may be able to help here.

And there forefore you were basically saying you were not sure what they were. I also am not sure what they are, because basically my google search is the same as your google search. I was just giving possibilities of what the stuff could be. And since the only R-80 I can find in my books is the same as the one that is on that website, maybe that is the R-80 that you are looking for and it is not Russian. Again like I said I dont know if that was what you were looking for, I just tried to help.
Okay, sorry for jumping down your throat. Thank you for your help.

I realy dont have any idea what countrys they are from but the Text would suggest Russian but they could be any nation.
Where did you get the info from. I have many books on Luftwaffe Aircraft and Russian Aircraft in English and that does not mean that they are US or British Aircraft. There are also many websites that way.

Again those may be Russian but that is all that I could find.
Hi !!!
I would like to add that in the russian magazine Mir Aviatsii 2001 (Almanac) the V-17 and V-24 aircrafts are mentioned in connection with their service in the Soviet Air Forces.Unfortunately, there is no possibility to read the article.Maybe, someone from russian friends could give an answer to the question.


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Thank you, i found it on the internet but i cant find the site now. It was all in Russian so i had to put it into an online translator to make sense of it.

I would post the document but its 9 pages long.
Well my expertise actually is Helicopters, being the helicopter crewmember that I am! No seriously that is actually my main base of knowledge is Rotary Wing. I am not sure on this V-24 and Mi-24 but it does sound about right and I will check on it in some of my books.
Yeap the first prototype of the Mi-24 HInd was the V-24 and 12 were built, so that definatly is another possibility. I also believe the V-29 was the first prototype of the Ka-29 Helix - B. So that is another possibility.
The another possibility is that "V" letter in names of aircrafts could be a mistake in translation what could be misled for us.I've be thinking for a long time about this.In russian language "B" letter is pronounced as "W", in english we should use "V" to say "W" in russian one. The russian alphabet has a different sigh that is used for writting the english "B". In this way V-17 could be B-17, V-24 as B-24 and V-29 as B-29. The bombers were used by Russians in WW2. B-29 was produced in Russia as Tu-4 but several authentic B-29 planes were captured by them.


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Your answer was very quick so I don't know if you were able to look at the rest of my post.Sorry, the fast writting in english is still my problem but I'm working on it.The practice makes a master. My theory seems to be fit,really but I've still some doubts that it's true.Maybe any suggestion?
Okay, im going to have to atach the document and see if by reading it, it makes sense to anyone.
Its atached. I appologise for the poor English but it was translated from Russian by a computer.

Also do we have anyone here that speekc Czech?


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