SAAF Ju 86Z-7

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Airman 1st Class
Jan 1, 2006
The South African Air Force took over 18 Ju 86Z-7s from civilian airlines at the start of the war and used them for anti submarine patrols and also as a bomber in East Africa. I understand that the aircraft were fitted with 3 MGs. British bombs couldn't be loaded in the bomb bays as they were designed to take German bombs. As a result a fuel tank was placed in the bomb bay and bombs were carried externally.
I have the following queries on the SAAF Ju 86Z-7s:

What was the crew? (4 I presume)
What was the weight unloaded? (a Swedish Z-7 weighed 5490kg)
What was the max speed? (355kmh for a Swedish Z-7)
What was the range?
What was the external bomb load?



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