Saitek flight controls

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Feb 15, 2008
hey guys, I'm just wondering what you think of these. if any y'all used them?

GameShark® Store - PC
GameShark® Store - PC

and yes, for some wierd reason, I decided to install FS2000, and it installed fuly, and is working just fine. *shrugs* I dunno what I dod, or how it happened but it happened. XD so yeah, I'm happier than a tornado in a trailer park! ;D


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I've been looking at those rudder pedals...I've been thinking that I need them, just haven't set aside any funding for 'em yet... :lol:

As far as a controller goes, I can't help ya' there since all I have is the Saitek Cyborg Gold, Evo and X52. The Cyborg is retired, though it performed flawlessly over the years. The Evo I pretty much just use for Mechwarrior anymore...and the X52 is for all things flyin' killin' and I wouldn't trade it for anything! It just flat rocks with no equal!

And LMAO @ "I'm happier than a tornado in a trailer park!"...good one!
I have a full set including the AV8R stick, Yoke, 2 sets of throttle quadrants and pedals. It is great having all the toggles I want including the ability to operate the drop nose of a Concorde. My Sim is the FS2004.

The cockpit in the pic is a Spitfire Mk 1A.
I can recommend Saitek.


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