salutations to all from a new guy!

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Mar 4, 2009
I am a 59-year-old draughtsman/illustrator. My forte is hand-drawn pen-and-ink "scribbles" in very fine detail. I have been commissioned (tasked) with producing a drawing 20" x 26" (forgive my unfamiliarity with metric--I am an American) of an A6M5 Type O Model 52 REISEN "Zeke". I commonly sketch a thing or person by looking at it--the REAL thing--but this aircraft is so exceeding rare that this "from-life" type of drawing is next to impossible. So, being impulsive but computer-stupid I went surfing the internet for archival photos of the vaunted "Zero" (a misnomer) A6M5 which I could up-or-down-load and copy by hand. My first choice was the National Archives and their extensive collection of non-copyrighted, in-the-public-domain, free photos.
Due to my ignorance of the WEB, I never got to the DC site...but I DID get to THIS site, and out of curiosity signed up. I have some experience flying actual aircraft--from cessna 150/152 to DHC-6C (in Alaska) but I can't pass the physical anymore so I sublimate the energy to aviation art, my metier. As far as I know, when I lived across from the entrance to the US Air Force Museum a man came to review my artwork who introduced himself as Keith Ferris and then complimented my work. As did John Glenn, "Chuck" Yeager, Bob Hoover, Bill Lear, and Richard Bach. If you don't know who these persons are, no matter. In the event you DO know who they are, share my excitement at their acknowledgement of this untrained artist. I am just a beginner, despite my age, and ask readers to help me in my quest to find a suitable choice of aircraft photos to work from for this effort. The only incentive I have is an offer of some of my artwork in exchange. RSVP, yer fren, RICK (aka GINTONGKAMAY).
Welcome, you best source for info and views of an A6M5 would be the Planes of Fame Museum in Chino. They have one there with the original Sakae engine. It flies a few times a year, including the show coming up in May.

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