Searching Log Books from Fl/Lt. Charles W.West

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Aug 3, 2009
Flight Lieutenant Charles W. WEST was a British Navigator. In April 1944 he was assigned to the 52nd Troop Carrier Wing HQ as Liaison Navigational Officer and stayed in the 52nd TCW HQ until the end of the war.
Some years ago I saw, in the same time than my friend Cedric, a thread on a French forum where a guy asked questions about Flight Lieutenant WEST and showed pages scanned from his log books.
Fortunately we saved these pages on our computers....
Because this British Navigator flew with "Gruesome", a C-53D #42-68810 during WWII. And this C-53D, in flying condition, is now hosted by the French museum "Musee Aeronautique de Bretagne".
Now, I am trying to find the actual owner of these log books (which exist because we have seen them), to contact him and ask him to scan all the pages (from april to October or November 1944) where the serial of "Gruesome" appear.
I know that it will be a long or perhaps a never ending search but it worth try to search.
If you have information about this Flight Lieutenant please contact me. Also if you can share this request with your contacts, on your page and everywhere it will be helpfull.
Thank you in advance

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