Separate gallery for videos?

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Sep 17, 2004
Moorpark, CA
I know I have posted aviation and non-avitaion videos in the normal forums, as have others. Is there a way to create albums specifically for videos? This way they could at least be in an easier to find location?

Just a thought, my 2 pence worth.

considering the huge amount of video clips on ur PC hell yeah u wouldn't just go copy it to the library
Yes the new gallery has the ability to accept multimedia files(video, pdf, mp3, etc), and I am currently working on transferring the videos from the forum to the gallery(admins you should see a section at the bottom of the gallery for videos), I am still trying to work on creating a script to grab a few random frames from the video to provide a preview before a users comits to viewing or downloading. Will keep you guys updated on the progress
Some don't show thumbnails, they just show a picture saying "This video could not be decoded" The ones that do show the thumbnails are good.
How's it going about the ability to upload videos in the posts, instead for the links?
I can't remember how it was done earlier, how to write to get the video in the post...
It's only a blank post to me! :lol:
That's weird, there must be a video plugin that your browser is missing.


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