September 11 remembered

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Where were you guys when you first heard about it?

Im interested on hearing from you members that live in Europe or Asia when it was the afternoon and evening.

For me, it was about 6:15AM, when my alarm radio went off and the news announcer on the radio program said that if anyone can get to a TV, turn it on and watch.
syscom3 said:
Where were you guys when you first heard about it?
I'd been given a day's leave after having put in some exceptionally long hours, and I was home watching TV. I just happened to be flipping channels when I flashed by CNN just as the second plane flew into it's target. Un-f*cking-believable. I couldn't quite believe it was real at first. Within the hour I was recalled back to work, and everything was put on standby. Standby for what, we weren't quite sure.
My wife and I was getting ready for work (we were living together at the time) when my best friend called me and told me to put on the TV. My wife freaked out becuase her dad was supposed to fly that day. After several hours we heard that he was ok but his friend Jason Dahl was the pilot on flight 93.

9-11 happened 11 days before my wedding. I was convinced I was going to be called up, but it never happened. As the days passed I found out I knew 5 people killed at the WTC.
the alarm clock had gone off with the radio new in conjunction when a female newscasters voice stating that one tower had been hit by a small airplane. The two of us jumped out of bed and turned on the media and my wife looked at me with inquisitive eyes.............I said the bastards hit us again, and that was enough we knew who was behind all of it even before we watched on the Tele the second jet approaching to the sister tower

things got in motion militarily before the two towers fell. Every connection we had to any extremist group througout the world was elevated 10 fold, and I could tell you more behind the scenes but I will not ...........
i would've been 11 years old at the time and had gotten home from one of my first days in a new school, turned the TV on and on 3 of the 4 Channels there were pictures and continual news covourage of what was happening (both towers were down by this point), this was news to us as they hadn't told us anything about it at school, me and my sister watched the covourage for a bit but then got a bit annoyed by it and watched kids TV for a bit, being to young too really care much for it, as bad as that sounds.........
I was in My US history class during my freshman year at New Hope-Solebury High School. The French teacher who taught down the hall told the class to turn on the TV. And there were the smoking towers. Than they said a plane crashed into the towers.

The part that freaks me out is, and I'm serious, a few nights before I dreamed that something bad was going to happen. Something that would change the world. Not to mention that I had a bad feeling on the day. I can tell you how bad I wanted to enlist on the spot. But, I was underage at the time.
Heard about it from some biker in the local garage, went home and just saw from after the first plane hit. Sat for a while just wondering what the hell was going on, didnt really understand it but I was gobsmacked. Never forget.
For me I was listening to the radio in the work truck and they mentioned a small aircraft had hit one of the towers the story expanded fast at one of my stops a older american couple was checking out of the hotel they were in when I told them to go watch the news they came back outside crying . The border to the US was quickly sealed and the trucks started to pile up we had semis all over the place US bound . There is usually about 2 trucks a minute crossing the bridges (border)here so it didn't take long to amass a huge quantity of trucks , every place that could be used to park trucks was used some of the hotels put up the drivers and people heading home that couldn't cross the border for very very reasonable rates
I was in a small town in Northern Italy (never been to Italy before this), meeting my wife's family for the first time. We had met that morning and after a hectic day were lying down to take a little snooze around 3pm before dinner. Her father called and in choppy English, mostly Italian, started talking about a plane hitting a tower, saying "Terrible" over and over again. Finally figured that we should turn on the tube in our hotel room and caught the second plane coming in (might've been a tape). Remember thinking:
-This is like Pearl Harbor
-There are at least 20K in each tower, if both were full this will be a worse day than Antietam.
-Man, am I far from home.

Sat, sipped beer for a bit and just stared. Crap was all over the place in terms of accuracy. Nobody knew what was going on. European TV was no better than the US but in one thing they were hugely different. They showed the bodies coming down in real time. I remember that one guy going down on his back, head first. Remember thinking he had really big feet. Remember a girl going out and she was falling with her leggs out flat in front of her in the sitting position. Hoped for her sake she wasn't conscious when she hit. Wondered if any of my cousins who lived in NYC were involved in this thing. Figured the odds were in their favor that they weren't (later found out they were in the clear).

Went over my future mother and father in laws place and everyone was very nice but didn't really know what to say. Kind of like finding out somebody in your family just died. Everybody is nice, do anything for you, but they kinda leave you alone.
My TV broke the night before, but my dad phoned me and told me of it and taped it all for me. I got home from school at 2 and at 3pm my dad phoned me. The next day my mom bought me the paper with the photo of it and I said sh*t is going to get whose now.

I was in grade 9 and 15 years old and must say it was real bad looking at it and kept everything of it since to remember it.

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Ok people get into reality Iraqis had nothing to do with the twin towers and god does not exist i know the truth not like stupid americans being left in the dark and beliving what the news tells you i belive my own theorys I never toke a monent of silence today i was concentrating on trying to cope with my own life today with haveing a very bad cold I say Screw Bush and start to belive in the truth not evreything you get told by the news oh and stop saying God Bless America its the most sadest, stupid quote ever said in history!


This was at

Lucky for him they closed the thread.
I never said that. His post doesn't either. What it is doing is disrespecting the people who died on this day. On top of that he's calling all americans dumb because most are religious.This dude is about to get a wake up call.

Unfortunetly he doesn't say his location.

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